CAR RACING 51 2015
CAR RACING 51 2015


How did I score points this week


2015 WEEK #2

Daytona 500 2015

2015 RULES

Team Page #1 2015 Season

Team Page #2 2015 Season

Team Page #3 2015 Season

Team Page #4 2015 Season

Team Page #5 2015 Season

2015 Teams sorted by team name

2015 Teams sorted by owners name


The number of entries for 2015 is 707 as of 2-22-2015.

All of the teams for the 2015 season will be posted on the left column there is 5 pages of teams in alphabetical order.  They are also list by owner of the team.  Could everyone check their team to make sure all the corrections were made.  If you find any mistakes let me know.

You can contact Car Racing 51 by email at  this needs the under score like this car_racing51.

Jimmy Johnson wins the Atlanta !!

Top  20  2015


12327Zick IIII
22294Racing, Jones #1
32281Juno #1
42253A. B. Racing #1
52252Bonson, Riley
62228Kennedy, Barb #2
72225Dream Team #2
822012 Cops
92197Peterson, Randy #2
102194Team Goathead
112191Kennedy, Barb #1
122190Peterson, Randy #1
132187Peterson, Rhonda #1
142186Rogers, Randy
152180BC #1
172171J-C 36
182168J-C 12
192166TNT 3
202166#49 Racing

  With all the people that dropped Kyle & Kurt Busch it will take me a little time to get the teams all straightened out.  Standings will be posted by the end of the week and all the teams will be posted before the next race.  Just so everyone knows a lot of people are making changes on their team(s) with the KYLE BUSCH situation.  I’m doing the best I can to try to take care of these.  If any you are going to make a change make sure it is emailed to me before the start of the Daytona 500 and I’ll do the best that I can.


Claire's Team for 2015


Rowin, Clair
Rowin, Clair
Richland Center, WI
 Hamlin, Denny     1,900
 Kenseth, Matt     1,650
 Edwards, Carl     1,550
 Busch, Kyle     1,500
 McMurray, Jamie     1,250
 Bowyer, Clint     1,200
 Stewart, Tony     1,100
 Dillon, Austin       950
 Menard, Paul       900
  TOTAL_________  12,000

If a driver get penalized by NASCAR this doesn't reflect the scoring in this league.
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